In 2019, OpéraSPORT was established in Copenhagen by Stephanie Gundelach, a renowned creative with experience as freelance consultant and stylist, and Awa Malina Stelter whose knowledge from the areas of design and production adds to the advantage points. Set apart from the masses, OpéraSPORT lives and breathes in a distant zone, bridging between Copenhagen and Paris

The soft elegance of OpéraSPORT thrives in a neon world. Think Paris in the year 2057. Just as the name suggests, we are a brand that values refinement, wearability and forward-thinking. That is why every piece is made with sustainable fabrics, for an experience that is not only luxurious but responsible. Collections are released as limited editions because we are mindful of quality and quantity’s impact on both our present and our future.

OpéraSPORT has received international awareness from the beginning and has been highlighted by Vogue as one of the exiting new brands to keep an eye on. OpéraSPORT has been worn by Kim Kardashian West, Julia Hobbs and Camille Charriere to name a few.